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In my 20s and 30s parenting, schooling, and work kept me busy. To make life even more complicated I offered to be a surrogate mother for a couple.

After I gave birth to my surrogate son in 1987 I attended a dream retreat. Shortly after that weekend I started Jungian analysis, completed my social work studies, and began a doctoral program with an emphasis in depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

During my doctoral program I received dreams that asked me to re-claim play in my life. I sang out loud! danced, painted, re-searched my life….

I developed another kind of education program for myself. I sought out play! modern dance classes, singing workshops, InterPlay, Voice-Movement Therapy, 5 Rhythms, improvisational theatre and dance, clowning, and many other ‘ways to play’.

I re-membered what I loved to play with as a child and did more of that…

and then, I was led through a dream to create a dance video, Love’s Way: The Joy & Pain of Surrogacy and a play-based, depth-oriented practice Play=Peace.


Play comes naturally when we live authentically. ~Mary Alice

What Now?

My studio is based on the North Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. I’ve been hiking and camping on the peninsula since I was a kid and now have the pleasure of living where my PlayfulNorthwest Body feels most at home.

I love meeting with women one-on-one. Lets Talk!

My memoir entitled,  I Would Have Named Him Peter.

What People are Saying

  • I realize that I know lots of ways to play.  I’m becoming aware that, for good health, I/we need more and more intention devoted to a playful practice that has been the benefit of our conversation. Thanks for this gift.  I see the light! ~Lynn Shaw-Ringham, Jung Society, Victoria, BC, CAN
  • You are such a wonderful teacher, Mary Alice! You remind us that being inquisitive taps into our inner child and allows that child into the playfulness of life!  ~Anita McCrary
  • I’ve been appreciating your passion and playfulness Mary Alice. Thought it was time I let you know.~Bernie DeKoven

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