Honor Your Dreams, Transform Your Life

I am really excited to host another ‘active dreaming group’ during a time of tumultuous change for individuals and the collective.

We will be meeting to share our dreams for 8 weeks on a day/time (TBD by group consensus). In addition to our once-a-week virtual gathering, we will also have the opportunity to continue our dream sharing and ‘if it were my dream’ process via a Private Facebook group. During the in-be-tween and be-twixt time’ dreams and synchronicity emerge and call us to action. You will receive payment/call-in details and other helpful information after you register. $160 is your financial investment for our 8-week group.

If you are interested in joining us, please sign-up with your name and email. As soon as a group has gathered, I’ll be contacting each of you to determine the day and time we will be meeting for 8 weeks.

Any Questions? Call/Text me at 206/200-4542 or write maryalice@playequalspeace.com

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It is my pleasure to recommend Mary Alice Long. Each week I engage in an Active Dreaming group that Mary Alice facilitates and organizes, which utilizes the work of Robert Moss. Mary Alice is extremely gifted in her capacity to create exactly the sort of platform and backdrop that allows participants in the group to push the boundaries of memory and psyche in a sacred yet playful way, through the framework of Active Dreaming. She has been both a mentor and a catalyst in my life changing and growing to its highest potential. Her great sense of humor and respect encourages a fun and engaged group with a rippling effect that I am able to draw from throughout the week after each Active Dreaming session. I am subscribed to ‘Play Notes, the Play=Peace weekly newsletter, and additionally obtain joy and meaningfulness with every read. I highly and humbly, with ultimate respect and admiration recommend you explore the many gifts and talents Mary Alice Long is offering today. I can genuinely say I am so blessed to have the honor of participating in one of her groups weekly. It is priceless and life changing. I will continue to peel away the layers which can conceal the authentic self and find myself unfolding with grace to the real me, through her amazing and creative facilitating skills and mentoring. See, Mary Alice does not try to be a mentor, she does not try to be a teacher. It is simply who she is, and in turn inspires others to become mentors, teachers and playful beings engaging in joy and meaningfulness through her offerings.

~Jennifer Collier, Olympia, WA