I am a play-based, depth-oriented creative coach and mentor.

I help women learn the practice of ‘the Art of  Playing in the Everyday’ as a vehicle for deepening relationships, developing an understanding of ‘work as play’, learning about the wisdom and guidance available through dream play, and composing a creative life.

If you are a woman who has stopped or never have played, this is an invitation to play. Give yourself the gift of laughter, lighten up, have fun, play in the everyday moments of your life. Its worth your time, I am here to walk alongside you as you move forward on your playful journey.



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  1. Lucille

    I am interested in your dream group in November. I know how I am by now…lol. May I join
    even if I can’t make each of the 8 sessions? I have formally studied Jung and dreams and
    love exploring the topic. This will help me make more of an effort to write down my dreams.


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