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Women who meet with me understand that what they’ve been doing isn’t working.  They want help to move ahead on their life’s journey and reach out for help.

Commit to moving forward one Playful Step-at-a-Time

We all have a desire for something more and sometimes we just get stuck. We don’t have clarity on what we want and we can’t make a decision. We’re stuck thinking we’re not good enough, don’t have the time, the money, or we can’t decide on the next steps to take.

30 years ago I was overwhelmed and exhausted.

With the help of my intuition, dreams, and my Wild Spirit–I reconnected to my Playful and Creative Self and re-claimed those pieces of myself I had left in the shadows. When the time was right I began to share what I learned with others.

 Learn the Art of Playing in the Everyday

  • Deepen your Relationships
  • Develop your Creativity
  • Bring a Playful Attitude to your Work
  • Dream and take Positive Action

Mary Alice is a thoughtful reminder that play is for grown-ups. Working with Mary Alice is deeply meaningful and a doorway to transformation.

Mary Alice helps me get out of my head and into my body. She clearly lives what she preaches which helps people drop their guard and really play.

Mary Alice, how do I schedule an individual exploratory session? 
** I customize packages to fit your needs. Lets talk!
Schedule a time for a 30 minute phone call.