What is the name of your Song?

My song’s title could be Should I Really Say That? or it could be entitled, Scream.

My husband, Michael, was hospitalized for testing last week after an MRI showed that he had experienced a small stroke and had a major sinus infection to boot.

Now, add to the mix that Michael and I have been together 25 years and all the while cancer has been our constant companion.

Wouldn’t you want to scream?

So, yesterday I was sitting with Michael in a medical office and felt the need so scream like crazy. No, I didn’t wake everyone up in the clinic. Instead my resourceful imagination and day dreams gave me the opportunity to let it fly! I dance in my dreams so why not scream, curse, whatever it is I need to do to de-stress and stay in the moment. Just another way of playing in the everyday that I will undoubtedly tap in the near future. Medical testing and doctor visits are once again a part of our life. Play is essential!

3 thoughts on “What is the name of your Song?”

  1. Hi Mary Alice,

    Wow! Just came across your answer about coyotes & medicine cards. Thanks. I used the coyote and hummingbird cards at a very loved one’s memorial. Perfect. More to the story.. I, too, live on South Whidbey. Langley.

    Best wishes with your health challenges.

    oxox, Linn

    1. Hi Linn, thank you for writing. I now live in Port Angeles on the north Olympic Peninsula. I love it here, my soul place. Coyote and Hummingbird are powerful allies. Coyote as Trickster. Hummingbird brings Joy.

      A friend recently shared her experience with Coyote while traveling through Yellowstone National Park. Everyone my friend talked to while in the park wanted to see Wolf. My friend didn’t see Wolf but remarked that Coyote was fed up with Wolf getting all the attention and made His presence known in the way that only Trickster can.

      While watching the solar eclipse, Hummingbird came visiting. Also, a friend who just lost her mother witnessed Hummingbird appear on the other side of the ferry window as she traveled from Port Townsend to Coupeville. My friend realized that she had a Visitation and that her Mom was well and feeling great Joy.

  2. I really enjoyed this blog post. The fact that it comes from the heart shines through the words. Pure brilliance to hear how you navigate life’s difficulties and turned it into imaginative play. It is really helpful to me to see your example and encourages me to also give your approach of playfulness a go. Thank you!!

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