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Serial Play + Re-Solution + What is Possible Through Play

series: a succession of things of a similar kind or related nature coming one after another

completion or


When I write or say the word completion it doesn’t feel good in my body. My memoir’s manuscript is a part of my ongoing¬†archival memoir project.¬†As I develop and live the postpartum of my experience there is so much more that is part of the story….

I’ve intentionally been choosing ways to create that contribute to the body of my life’s work. I’ve been choosing my play spaces and what belongs there by listening to my impulses and dreams and playing with what I hear call my name.

playing with what I hear call my name

I have been developing a

series of play quotes. As I read them I’m aware that the series of quotes and prompts is reflective of my experience and what I’ve learned and want to share through my play-based mentoring.

Every Human Being is Under-Development


We are all becoming. We play and continue to learn over a lifetime.

Take More Risks


I’m picking up the fiddle, learning about songwriting, and painting. As I play a new musical instrument, practice, and paint…

I’m creating colorful styles in every avenue of my life.

Root Your Play


Play plants me firmly to the Earth that sustains me and all living beings.

Do you find yourself playing with a series of similar things?

I’d love to hear about it!

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