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Kiss the World With Your Feet

It has been difficult today to stay grounded. So much of me seems to be in my head. I am feeling anxious.

What do you do to stay grounded?

Tapping the keyboard to write has a very different feeling than writing in my journal. When I pick up my favorite pen I can feel its weight. I can feel whether or not I am in flow. When I am in the moment or hesitating.

Prayer as a Container

When I am in moving meditation, writing, painting, or playing outdoors in nature I often feel a sense of the ineffable. That which I cannot see or touch but I believe to be a part of me even as I don’t have the words to express what I am feeling or sensing.

and yet…

some words are following me, regaling me, informing me…

this is my body, take and eat

first stars appear

let me carry bowls for the offering.

Embrace the Darkness

I started an I-Ching series in early September exploring new beginnings, digging deep into our rootedness, and facing difficulties.

Hexagram 4 speaks about the necessity of embracing the darkness.

Go Deep Within the Self

Shadow [Play] is the Path of the Heart Warrior

~ CG Jung

I have found that to go into the depths of my soul I have to face or befriend the darkness.

What is in that inky darkness? The Shadow–what I don’t see about myself. Parts of myself that are hidden, my unacknowledged gifts (what I excel at), as well as, those areas I need to improve to live a well-lived life.

Our night and waking dreams are guides to your shadow play. In our dreams we can find our darkness.

One of the themes in my dreams is someone chasing me. T-Rex came to me in a series of dreams some years ago, looking in the bay window, scaring me in one dream after another until I integrated the instinctual parts of myself. I also have threatened others or even killed others in dramatic ways.

Do not be afraid of Self, of the sky where no moon shows.

I invite you to Shadow-Play. Be yourself and embrace the darkness. Our unacknowledged gifts are a great place to begin. Befriend what is in your Shadow. Ask your spouse, friends, loved ones, or trusted colleagues, Definitely bring this question to dream time or ask the I Ching.

You know me well, can you tell me, what are my gifts?


New Beginnings

The I Ching for Writers by Sarah Jane Sloane (2005) is a book for writers that I’ve have been playing with for many years as I’ve been writing and re-writing my personal memoir.

The I-Ching is a 3000-year-old oracle or guide that informs my life side-by-side with my dreams. As I have been re-writing my memoir and a book proposal to send to publishers I have started to play with each chapter in Sarah Jane’s book. I am playing with each reading as the I-Ching shares its own sense of humor with me.

I created this video, broadcasted on Periscope, on Instagram, and on the Play=Peace page on Facebook focusing on Hexagram 1, New Beginnings.

I will continue to create and share a play-based, depth-oriented series which will include all 64 hexagrams. I hope today’s video and broadcasts feeds your imagination.

I invite you to share your new beginnings or ways that you are approaching your work, writing, or project in the spirit of beginning a-new!

The Savor of Divine Things

I spotted my copy of The Seven Story Mountain, the 1948 autobiography of Thomas Merton on my bookshelf this morning while on the studio floor stretching. I opened the book to the phrase the savor of divine things.

the savor of my back pressed firmly to the studio floor

the savor of a full breath and my vocal body

the savor of the soft morning light and a new day

What divine things are asking me to savor them?

A dream asks me, you are in it everyday, why are you seeking outside what is seeking you in every moment of every day?

With this question comes a barrage of remembrance. Memories of being dissatisfied, finding something new to replace it, only to be dissatisfied once again.

One example comes from my experience in nursing in the 1980s:

I went to nursing school so that I could become a nurse-midwife, and I was lucky enough to have the chance to study for a certified nursing assistant certification if I found that this particular career path wasn’t for me. But it was my dream and I was determined to give my best go. After receiving my license to practice and gaining some nursing experience in obstetrics I looked into midwifery training but the program and training was untenable for a single mom of three. I gave up on the idea and continued to work in high-risk obstetrics, and then, antepartum care. The culture and hierarchy of hospitals started to wear me down. After a year or two I was ready to move on. Transferring to another hospital setting meant that, at least in the beginning, things would feel fresh. Rinse and repeat.

Looking back I realize that I would have been happier if I had followed my dream’s counsel:

Look to what is seeking you! Spend time with me, you are in it everyday, why not nurture yourself and those you care for by deepening what you understand about the soul of nursing.

My dreams and practice of ‘The Art of Playing in the Everyday’ is helping me to see that…

Who I am becoming, my happiness, my life, what I am creating, depend on something simple

my relationship with what I am in everyday

There is no need to look elsewhere. It is all available and comes in a variety of colors, textures, and styles.

How can I find the soul in what I experience everyday?

Every so often I make an attempt to journal everything that happens in my day. What I see, who I interact with, shapes, textures, colors, scents. Savor each moment of my life. My entire body tires as I write because, lets face it, there is a lot that happens in the everyday. From the many pages that fill in my journal I am able to easily select moments where, if I desire, I can explore the soulfulness of those moments.

What moments would you select to enjoy the savor of divine things? Try selecting a few savory moments of divinity, of soulfulness in the everyday.

I would love to hear from you in the comments. What are a few moments in your everyday that call you to a soulful relationship with that thing, person, or event?





What is the name of your Song?

My song’s title could be Should I Really Say That? or it could be entitled, Scream.

My husband, Michael, was hospitalized for testing last week after an MRI showed that he had experienced a small stroke and had a major sinus infection to boot.

Now, add to the mix that Michael and I have been together 25 years and all the while cancer has been our constant companion.

Wouldn’t you want to scream?

So, yesterday I was sitting with Michael in a medical office and felt the need so scream like crazy. No, I didn’t wake everyone up in the clinic. Instead my resourceful imagination and day dreams gave me the opportunity to let it fly! I dance in my dreams so why not scream, curse, whatever it is I need to do to de-stress and stay in the moment. Just another way of playing in the everyday that I will undoubtedly tap in the near future. Medical testing and doctor visits are once again a part of our life. Play is essential!

Play and Self-Care

Playing with self-care * listening to STOP signals * so you can be free (to GO!)

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I’m Crossing the Finish Line: Work as Play

After writing for 5 minutes about ‘crossing the finish line’ while visualizing and drawing that finish line in my visual journal, I realized that I had bumped up my ‘Can Do’ and deflated my ‘Critic’.

This is what I wrote: When I see myself crossing the finish line, I am smiling, ecstatic, filled up, and joyful. Treats and celebration await! When I cross the finish line I embrace the moment, playing in the everyday of my life. All the work that has led me here feels so worth it in this moment. I can do anything! Life is abundant. I’m clear, focused and yet–soft, gentle, receiving. Whoo! There is more to come but for now–I am enough!

After I completed my writing, I remembered the ‘Start Your Memoir’ challenge that I offered in February 2017. I am really good at new starts and now I am good at ‘crossing the finish line’. How about you? Listen to my podcast and learn more about the ‘Art of Playing in the Everyday’ and how work can be play (which leads us through the portal to creativity and innovation in our work). Imagine that!

Listen to: I’m Crossing the Finish Line: Work as Play

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Playing with New Things and Perfection: We Are All a Little Weird

We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. ~ Dr. Seuss

Stepping into new experiences in our lives can feel challenging. If, on top of those feelings of inadequacy and lack of confidence, we add a desire for perfection we can too often give up on the practice we have just begun.

I have been trying out some new online video tools. I am comfortable with audio or being filmed during a performance but somehow looking at myself on the phone or computer screen as I record a #scope or LIVE event feels uncomfortable and frankly doesn’t feel playful.

Listen to: The Art of Playing in the Everyday and New Experience (Part 4) 

(Oh! Perfect!)

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New Series: The Art of Playing in the Everyday and New Pathways (Part 2)

Last week I spent a week at my daughter’s home caring for my grandchildren and grand-dogs while she was away on a business trip. Yesterday it was time to go home. Heather, Bailey, and I found ourselves in a long ferry line. We would have been waiting for 3 hours or more to be loaded on the ferry so we decided to get out of line and take a different route home. On our way–we discovered new places to play–state parks, an underwater museum, and new places to stop for treats and re-fueling.

We stopped to walk and listen to the birds, watch the Dungeness River flow. We enjoyed sharing stories and playing with Bailey on the bridge. We discovered new playful spaces along our route and deepened our mother-daughter, nana-granddaughter relationships.


Do you take the same path to events or the store nearby home? When you leave for the office, studio, or place of work on Monday–do you take the same route to work? If you work at home, what could you change even slightly to create greater ease and relaxation in your creative space?

There are so many benefits from playing in the everyday. While traveling to and fro in your day consider creating new pathways, heighten your decision-making skills, increase your options, discover new adventures, bring more joy, deepen your relationships, and break free of routine.

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A Dose of En-Courage-ment & Inspiration Leads to a New Focal Point

Over the last few weeks I have been in conversation with three very disparate people have brought me insight and safe passage as I bridge the gap between where I am and where I want to be.

  • This morning I listened to Christine Gilbert talk about ‘bringing it together’. I recognized while listening that I am ready to focus on the one thing that matters to me most in my business and that I am ready to do the work to get me to where I want to be.
  • Greg Dickson is an author, business coach, and entrepreneur. He and I only recently began to converse about a diverse array of subjects. I truly appreciate Greg’s willingness to share his viewpoints and to listen to what I have to contribute in the conversation. When I talked to Greg I used the word ‘trying’ and later shared my realization that (through the help of my spouse, Michael) that it is more of a re-start or re-vitalization.
  • Julie Jordan Scott is a writer who inspires women to experience creative re-birth. She (and Gloria Fuentes) inspired me to write

Between my trials and my deepening there is a bridge and it means safe passage

So now I am embracing two Summer-time Words:



  • Do you have some helpers in your life that en-courage and inspire you?
  • What are your summer-time words?

I would love to hear from you!

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