Stretching & Creating a Life

Stretching & Creating a Life

“… as we age we have not only to readdress earlier developmental crises but also somehow to find the way to three affirmations that may seem to conflict. … We have to affirm our own life. We have to affirm our own death. And we have to affirm love, both given and received. [p. 88]”

― Mary Catherine BatesonComposing a Further Life: The Age of Active Wisdom composingacreativelife


While changing into my comfortable workout clothes this morning I notice the stretch marks on my hips. They remain as scars that are tender to the touch and that remind me of my pregnancies and birth.

  • What I carried then…
  • What I carry now.

I stretch myself unnecessarily when I move away from where my impulses lead me.



My stretch marks, pregnancy, and lumpectomy scars remind me of major events in my life. My experiences as a surrogate mother and breast cancer survivor help me now as I support others and nurture myself while creating a playful life.

Scars are inevitable and are reminders of openings and closures; wounds and healing.

Labor & Birth

My labor & birth experience is at its best when I am relaxed.

What was true for me in my physical birth experience as a young woman is also true now as a woman in late-life transformation, a grandmother, and a creator fully committed to her play-based work in service to community.

When I feel myself pushing with all my might, using every muscle in my body, and popping blood vessels–I’m hurting myself. Eventually my path is blocked rather than open. The opening comes when I follow the flow that comes from playing with what presents itself in the moment. Staying attuned to my body rhythms and patterns I can stretch myself in more ways than one and compose a life that is filled with wonder.




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