Random Play: Who Inspires Me Today?

UnknownGenerally I start my writing with my favorite pen in hand. Today I’m writing in my upstairs studio on my laptop. I prefer handwriting over tapping the keys on my laptop for many reasons. When I’m using my laptop I find myself correcting my spelling, editing, and generally getting caught up in minutia.


This leads to a tension that I don’t seem to slip into when I have pen to blank page. I lose myself in my writing. Oh, but I digress…

A question I wrote in my journal and circled with my pen is: Who inspires me today?






I begin to think of many people in my life who inspire...

breathe in….

and then another tiny inspiration steps forward….

One of our tiniest birds, seen here at Hurricane Ridge, is the Golden-crowned Kinglet. I learned while snowshoeing this winter that they are remarkable in their ability to survive in cold climates. These birds eat dormant moths that are found in the branches of the conifer forest. To keep warm, they huddle together at night and fluff their feathers in a way that provides their small bodies protection from the elements.

Learning about the Golden-crowned Kinglet’s ability to survive in a winter environment prone to high winds and dipping temperatures reminds me of my own life stories of protection and survival. She inspires me TODAY to nurture and protect myself.

I am actively asking myself, what is it that I am inspired to play with and create for the good of all who huddle in the branches to keep warm? What feeds and will sustain us through the winter?

I have some ideas (of course) but am hesitant to put those ideas down on paper. My overall desire remains the same-to create a kinder, more gentle world. To be grateful for what is given and what I am able to offer.

These are some imagined images that are emerging as I tug on the inspiration provided by a small bird:

I’ve created a painting of Forgiveness. *(wouldn’t we all like to hold that image in our hands?)

I’ve created paintings of random Play and what is inspired as a result of Playing in the everyday of the body landscape.

Images, Subtext, and Feelings that Emerge from individual ‘Archival Memoir Projects’ created and published as part of an ongoing group process.

Photos, paintings, drawings, words, natural sculpture of the aches and the stirring moments.

Intimate, Courageous, Meaningful Performance

I love it! 

I feel Better!

NOW, what are you inspired by? Are there new ways to imagine the many books, projects, ideas you’ve had on your LIST?






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