Playful Enthusiasm

Play is the Door to Creativity. ~Mary Alice

I am a Potter

Michael shares his desire to play with clay with a ceramic artist at a local gallery.

He wants to hold clay in this hand and smoosh it around.

He tells Cindy about how we both took an introductory pottery course in Morro Bay when we lived on California’s central coast. He shares the story of how he created his first hand built piece. How he dreams of creating large pottery pieces.

He asks her if she would like to see his piece, its small and chipped in some places.



I Remember what I Love

Shiny objects have been grabbing my attention. I’ve been playing with visual images and listening for sparks of inspiration as I build new ways to share news about what I am creating and want to share with others through my play-based, depth-oriented work.


I had planned to write…

paint and create new songs…


What is really important to me? What will bring me the greatest joy?

What I love…

I trust that what I have placed on the table in my play studio at any moment is what I need (to grow & learn), not necessarily what I want…

When I choose something to try out, something that I am not at ease with, the momentum of that shift leads me to swing back and forth from

‘lets try this one out’ to (‘oh, I know this will feel good’)…

I feel lit up and excited!

My playful Spirit jumps up and down and yells, ‘me, me! see me over here! this is great stuff!’

Get on, Get Off, Get on With It!

I can hear the words of Phil Porter, co-founder of InterPlay….get on, get off, get on with it! 

I am performing my life. I’m stepping off stage after taking my bows and I’m ready for the next play.

What will you see and hear if you come to see this new play?

For sure there will be some scribbling of words, some singing of songs, some colors dabbed on blank canvas.

You’ll hear authentic, natural voices  and the applause of wild enthusiasm that comes from an audience who are as much a part of the play as those sharing their stories on stage.

Ready to get on with it? I’d love to hear all about it!

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