21-Day ‘Start Writing Your Memoir’ Challenge

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These are the stories of our lives. Writing a memoir can be at once cathartic and at the same time paralyzing. How do you put into words the most personal and deeply felt moments of your life? I was faced with this same question as I wrote my memoir about my 1987 decision to become a surrogate and everything that followed. Now I’m helping writers begin their own writing journey with a 21 day writing challenge that will gently encourage you and give you the tools to break through your creative blocks. 

Why 21 Days?

You won’t write your entire book in this time, but research has shown this is enough time to form a lasting habit. We’re going to start the process of playfully challenging our creativity and the intention is to set you on the path so you can build a meaningful writing practice. Write your memoir. Share your story. Discover what it means to dig deep into the well of your experience.

21-days of prompts, ideas & images to inspire, motivate, and encourage you.

A playful, creativity, depth-oriented community to support you. That is my intention.

How it works

Starting on February 6th, you’ll get one email a day with inspirational, play-based, creative prompts. There’s a community group on Facebook, and we’ll support and cheer each other on. It’s free to join and it’s entirely self-paced. You’ll work on your writing when and where the inspiration strikes.

About Me

I earned a PhD in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. I’m a creative play coach living in the coastal town of Port Angeles in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 

It is totally FREE to participate in our 21-day Challenge, however, you do need to register. 

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    1. maryalicelong

      Thank you Christine! This year I am starting a number of creative projects and starting a book proposal to send out to presses and literary agents with an eye to publishing my memoir in 2017. It can be daunting to stare at a blank page and not know where to begin. So lets get started together as a community–play, create, and take it one-playful-creative-step at a time. Incrementality is key! Plus, once you get started I’m betting the creative hose will run open and your writing will flow!

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