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Playing in the Everyday: In the Process of Clearing

I often review my journals, images, and stories and look at what I am drawn to, what I delight in, as I practice playing in the everyday moments of life.

Natural Pattern © Mary Alice Long

I wonder what you are drawn to in your everyday moments? What is stirred, what captivates your attention? What are you curious about?

I have no difficulty at all finding play in the most difficult moments of my life. At the same time, I realize that you may not be able to understand how play can be present in any part of your day, let alone part of every moment.


Well, it so happens that I am in the process of clearing. I had to move past my own resistance but now I am going through boxes and drawers in my studio, home, and garage. I’m curious, what does it means to clear? To clarify? To give away, eliminate, throw away, gift, hold onto, create new understanding, focus, organize, create clarity.

When I search for clarity on social media I find the following:

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I am eliminating things by recycling, giving away things. Choosing to dig into what clearing means to me today is helping me to take a pause. There is so much more to the steps that I am taking to clear my home and studio space. New understandings are emerging. Right now.

Hmmm… Now I am really excited!

New Growth © Mary Alice Long

Chopping but Keeping the Roots

After discovering that clematis needs to be cut back from time-to-time I chopped the plant to about 3 feet above ground. Her purple blossoms are more vibrant than ever.

I’ve also been cutting away what I have collected and archived. As a starting point, I went through things stored in boxes and then after reviewing them put them all back in the box. After a number of attempts, I decided that I had to be ruthless and send most of what I had stored as archives to the recycle bin.

Every box that is cut up and tossed in the recycle bin helps me lighten the load I have been carrying and gives me space to imagine what is next. My roots are deep within the soil of my dreamscape, embodied, ensouled, and won’t be disturbed by the cutting that happens above ground.

Mary Alice Long, PhD is a play-based, depth-oriented coach, writer, and artist who practices and teaches the ‘Art of Playing in the Everyday’.