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Play, Generosity & Gratitude

I believe that Playfulness * Generosity * Gratefulness are a splendid trio of human qualities that help us live fully and lovingly in Community.

There are a number of inspiring people who have helped me over the years. Periodically I like to send out my applause and thank you to a few of my supporters and share their amazing creative work.

So here goes…

Christine and Drew Gilbert

Christine and Drew have been very supportive and have been helping me develop my creative skills as a playful, creative entrepreneur. We Create offers a host of courses to help people take the steps necessary to make the creative life of their dreams realized. For me, those steps include goal-setting and monetization.

I love to write and I want to be more successful at blogging both as a passion and as a way to grow and sustain Play=Peace. If I want to keep helping others to move ahead on their playful journeys I need to do a bit of self-care and make sure that what I do is balanced in all ways–including financial.

Christine and Drew have grown their creative business while traveling with their kids (they have a new baby! Congratulations to the new parents!). These two know what they are doing and they do it well, so they probably won’t need any advice. However, for any other new parents, like Christine and Drew, there is always advice online. It can be hard raising a child, especially if you have limited funds. Luckily, there are methods of reducing the cost of some things, such as car insurance. By cutting down on car insurance, new parents can have more money to spend on their new child. For more money-saving tips, new parents can always learn more online. If you are anything like Christine and Drew, you should make amazing parents!
I have learned so much from both of them and hope to meet up with them in Vancouver, BC in early Autumn for a Monetization Weekend.

Karen McMillan

Karen has been a supporter of my play-based, depth-oriented work for many years. She is known as the Yinpreneur and Retreat Muse. I have worked with Karen as my coach and I have benefitted from attending Karen’s courses and retreats.

Karen generously has offered her time and expertise over the years we have known each other.

When I want to slow down to speed up my success, Karen is the friend I will reach out to for a hug and mindful exploration.

Flora Bowley

Flora is a NEW inspirational woman in my life. I’m so grateful to have found her! I believe it was during a creative online retreat that I first heard her name. Flora and Team Love have offered me a scholarship to the Creative Revolution eCourse which starts Valentine’s Day (all Heart). I am so grateful for this opportunity at a time of MAJOR SHIFTS in my life. This is truly the year of NEW BEGINNINGS.

I LOVE Flora’s painting style (I live with a master watercolorist and I want to paint more in my own, unique PLAYFUL STYLE). Flora blends her painting lessons with movement, meditation, and many other marvelous and magical inspirations!!! Can’t wait to begin my own ‘Creative Revolution’.

There are so many other inspirational people in my life that I want to mention but for now I’ll stop here…

Thank you so much Christine and Drew, Karen, and Flora for your faith in me and your support of Play=Peace and the playful work I LOVE 🙂