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Kiss the World With Your Feet

It has been difficult today to stay grounded. So much of me seems to be in my head. I am feeling anxious.

What do you do to stay grounded?

Tapping the keyboard to write has a very different feeling than writing in my journal. When I pick up my favorite pen I can feel its weight. I can feel whether or not I am in flow. When I am in the moment or hesitating.

Prayer as a Container

When I am in moving meditation, writing, painting, or playing outdoors in nature I often feel a sense of the ineffable. That which I cannot see or touch but I believe to be a part of me even as I don’t have the words to express what I am feeling or sensing.

and yet…

some words are following me, regaling me, informing me…

this is my body, take and eat

first stars appear

let me carry bowls for the offering.

Embrace the Darkness

I started an I-Ching series in early September exploring new beginnings, digging deep into our rootedness, and facing difficulties.

Hexagram 4 speaks about the necessity of embracing the darkness.

Go Deep Within the Self

Shadow [Play] is the Path of the Heart Warrior

~ CG Jung

I have found that to go into the depths of my soul I have to face or befriend the darkness.

What is in that inky darkness? The Shadow–what I don’t see about myself. Parts of myself that are hidden, my unacknowledged gifts (what I excel at), as well as, those areas I need to improve to live a well-lived life.

Our night and waking dreams are guides to your shadow play. In our dreams we can find our darkness.

One of the themes in my dreams is someone chasing me. T-Rex came to me in a series of dreams some years ago, looking in the bay window, scaring me in one dream after another until I integrated the instinctual parts of myself. I also have threatened others or even killed others in dramatic ways.

Do not be afraid of Self, of the sky where no moon shows.

I invite you to Shadow-Play. Be yourself and embrace the darkness. Our unacknowledged gifts are a great place to begin. Befriend what is in your Shadow. Ask your spouse, friends, loved ones, or trusted colleagues, Definitely bring this question to dream time or ask the I Ching.

You know me well, can you tell me, what are my gifts?