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Be There, Allow it to Happen, Take Part in the Play

The image ‘911’ often comes up in my dreams as an image. In waking life (my waking dreamtime) I find myself looking at my phone and find that its 9:11 or I see that the clock in my bedroom is set at 9:11.

This dream image and timing reminds me of my surrogate son’s birth. He was born at 9:11 p.m. The time shouts emergency! ~Mary Alice

maple-leafToday I am taking Lila, our 4-month-old basset hound, on her first walk in the neighborhood. Her nose is like a vacuum cleaner picking up scents low to the ground. Smells that I am unable to make out but she so clearly revels in. 

Grandmother Spider’s webs and then I suddenly remember Camille Claudel’s story. Clotho at the Museo de Orsay.

Big leaf maple leaves that shade us during our Western Washington summers and go out in a blaze of glory in Autumn.

That I was cold walking, damp really. The sun is not going to make an appearance this afternoon as I had hoped.

I look for the defenseless, lop-eared bunny who I had seen outside hiding under a bush the other day. I worry for the bunny’s safety.

In my dream I’m at the home of depth psychology overlooking water. The car pulls up and I see the house. I am driving alone. There has been an effort to contact the home’s owner but I have not received an answer.

The home is quite expensive and has two sections. The property is landscaped with green grass and plants that are healthy and growing. I am giving the tour, a 360° view by camera. I see some outbuildings where I can stay to dive into research and a memorial with a cross and inscriptions reminding me of Jung’s tower in Bollingen.

There are animal sculptures that are sculpted into the stairs and the house itself. There are signs that say ‘Animals’ (this way), like the signs I have seen in villages that dot England’s countryside. There is a sculpture of Lion and Hippo.Bollingen

Dream Journal Poetics (a collection of selected images from my 2015 dream journal)

911 so often comes up in my dreams as an image and in my waking dreams I find myself looking at my phone or the clock in my bedroom at 9:11. This image and timing reminds me of my surrogate son’s birth. He was born at 9:11 p.m. Also the time shouts emergency!

Likely why he’s popping up now

I’m alone standing

Notes on ‘Late-Life Transformation’

I don’t like the label ‘Senior’ Citizen. I bristle every time I hear it or read it in print. ‘Magical One’ is a better fit, ‘Crazy, Weird’, ‘Transformative Citizen’. I’m not an ‘Elder’ yet but that is a label I can embrace much better than ‘Senior’. ‘Honorable One’ is another respectful Title.

Clear as a bell, a young woman’s voice calls out to me 

Often a disembodied voice calls out or makes a declaration in my night dreams, something like ‘you have breast cancer’ [that next week a medical diagnosis followed that voice’s declaration in waking dream]

Lay something down and go back and have another look

Say what matters without edits

Show up to create no matter what

It’s the long hair that’s out-of-place

Return to sub-way

On my daily nature walk or creating from my archival dreams I want to

Be There, Allow it to Happen. Take Part in the Play.