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New Beginnings

The I Ching for Writers by Sarah Jane Sloane (2005) is a book for writers that I’ve have been playing with for many years as I’ve been writing and re-writing my personal memoir.

The I-Ching is a 3000-year-old oracle or guide that informs my life side-by-side with my dreams. As I have been re-writing my memoir and a book proposal to send to publishers I have started to play with each chapter in Sarah Jane’s book. I am playing with each reading as the I-Ching shares its own sense of humor with me.

I created this video, broadcasted on Periscope, on Instagram, and on the Play=Peace page on Facebook focusing on Hexagram 1, New Beginnings.

I will continue to create and share a play-based, depth-oriented series which will include all 64 hexagrams. I hope today’s video and broadcasts feeds your imagination.

I invite you to share your new beginnings or ways that you are approaching your work, writing, or project in the spirit of beginning a-new!