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Labyrinths, Vestibules, Channels: A Playful Approach to Reach Equilibrium

Inner Ear

In my dream my right ear is covered with some matter. I slowly un-peel what is blocking my inner ear and see small bare bones that are plainly visible. Some of the bones seem to be split off. The skin looks pink and healthy and the bones are small. Need_to_Hear

The first association I have to my dream is ‘listen to your inner ear’. The cochlea resembles a wound up snail shell–something I am reminded of through my dream play and a comment left by Donna May on the Play=Peace page on Facebook. Yikes! Yes, of course, a transformative spiral…one that comes around again and again encouraging me to increase my ability to listen and deeply hear what is being communicated.

When I took another playful step to honor my dream and began to research the inner ear–it only took one look-see and I began to laugh at my folly. Of course!

The inner ear is a maze of tubes and passages, referred to as the labyrinth. In the labyrinth can be found the vestibular and the cochlea.

I’m being guided to the Labyrinth of my dream and entering through a Vestibule–a chamber or channel communicating with or opening into another. [a room so familiar to me as a child attending Catholic Church].

To gain Equilibrium–Keep my Balance

The vestibular is the organ of equilibrium. The vestibular’s function is to register the body’s movements, thus ensuring that we can keep our balance.

The vestibular consists of three ring-shaped passages, oriented in three different planes. All three passages are filled with fluid that moves in accordance with the body’s movements. In addition to the fluid, these passages also contain thousands of hair fibres which react to the movement of the fluid sending little impulses to the brain. The brain then decodes these impulses which are used to help the body keep its balance.

WoW! I love the psyche-soma dynamics in all of this! Swing! Hang! Thrust! Shape!

I just wrote in my journal this morning that I am DONE, DONE, DONE with LISTS.

When I feel the IMPULSE to move ahead and I ACT! Suites me best…

LISTS really make me anxious, obsessive, and crazier than usual! [I always have multiple projects going on at any one time so LISTS can put me on OVER-DRIVE!

My Mantra

What moves me….is what I will hear….DEEPLY…and act on


Playful Action!