Chestnut Trees & Recalling One of Life’s Turning Points

On my walk today I pass under a golden-colored chestnut tree. The chestnut fruit has a pointed end with a small tuft at its tip, and at the other end, a pale brown attachment scar. I remember my scars.

I pick up some of the chestnuts that are now scattered under the tree’s canopy and revel in their shiny rich brown coloring. I put a few in my pocket and rub them like worry beads as I walk. I remember that as a girl I loved walking under the chestnut trees that lined the Ballard streets. When the fruit dropped to the ground I would stuff my pockets full just as I have today.Chestnut

Chestnuts are plentiful this autumn as are the archival images and treasures that I keep close to me.

I’m preparing for my Connecticut in-residency performance and workshops. While walking I’m musing over some of the thoughts that I shared during my interview today on ‘Creativity in Play’.

My play-based work and my practice of ‘play in the everyday’ informs how I move in the world.

I stop and ask myself questions like, how can I play with what wants to be included? Where do I begin? How can I listen more deeply? What playful action is called for?

In a September dream, Joy is sitting right next to me. Joy is beside me and I’m surprised.

Even now, Its time to invite Joy in! Play is always spiraling around me and calls me to look again at who is sitting right there. In easy reach.

As I recall one of my life’s turning points I am writing handwritten letters to my surrogate son, going through physical and digital boxes of images from my life story, clearing, playfully organizing in our new home, dreaming, and sharing my dreams and stories with others.


I am fiercely committed to my playful journey. At times I feel impatient. My life is moving in a spiral, cycles that move from fulfilling to disappointing, easy to frustrating. My motto for today is–

Things have a way of falling into place.

selchie dance

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